Canvey Lake

The Lake is a public open space and provides a local focal point for informal recreation for the population of Canvey Island and has an important role in environmental education and drawing wildlife into an urban environment.

The Town Council has imposed a No Fishing zone over part of Canvey Lake. The zone covers that part of the lake which was previously reserved by Castle Point Borough Council for the use of Canvey Island Coarse Anglers. This is at the western end of the lake, near the Oysterfleet Hotel, where children together with their parents or grandparents have historically fed the waterfowl and used the bankside for recreational purposes.

Extensive work needs to be done to bring the lake back into good condition and the Town Council will be actively seeking a partnership with an established or new Fishing Club. The Committee is committed to improving the lake for the whole of the community. To that end, work will commence once planning approval is received and all relevant consents are obtained. The first phase is to de-silt the Denham Road area of Canvey Lake to create an enhanced fishing area and to improve the quality of the water for the fish population and incidentally, to provide better swims for angling.

The lake is the repository for water taken from the storm drains and contains traces of petrol, diesel, heavy metals and rubber. Clearly, the presence of these substances could be hazardous to the contractors retained to carry out the works and if the silt is classified as ‘toxic’ special arrangements will be imposed on the removal and disposal of the silt. Toxicity reports have been completed and no major issues have been found.


Please click here for a copy of Canvey Island Town Council’s Byelaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces.

Blue Green Algae

This algae naturally occur in inland, estuary and the sea and appears during hot weather. For further information on blue green algae click here.